Printed for Display - David Alan Webb

First comes the quest--walking around, sensitive and mindful, looking for raw material. Second, the creative pursuit of the best expression of that material. This is sometimes straightforward, but sometimes surprising. Third, the naming--the search for a few words that correspond to the essence of the piece without overwhelming it.

And last--but only for some--comes printing and framing for display. This is much more involved than most people realize. A  photograph on screen is made of light. A print is not. Paper and screen are two very different mediums. So the original has to be carefully modified and tested for this transition. And this must be done for each different kind of paper.

The choice of paper is important. Each kind brings its own flavor to the image. The size must be appropriate, the frame suitable. And all these choices must be weighed against the costs. (Fortunately I've found an excellent and relatively inexpensive printing and framing company.)

Below are some pieces that have arrived at this final destination.

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All Is Calm


Soppy the Shadow Monster

Printed on Canson Baryta Photographique 310 Fine Art Paper

Dogwood Canopy

Printed on Canson Baryta Photographique 310 Fine Art Paper


Printed on Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 Fine Art Paper

Into Undiscovered Country

On the Verge of Faerie

Other pieces that have already been proofed for printing include...

That Doggie in the Window

Wall Flower

But, of course, others can be printed as well.

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