Alpine Spring - David Alan Webb

The view from up here was tremendous. And to get even higher, Dorn helped me climb a great, white-barked "bellum." (In those days, I dressed more often for hiking than for court. Mother tried to be understanding, but a raised eyebrow often gave her away.)

He told me that here the normally black bedrock contains rich veins of some kind of copper compound, so the Zelonian mountaintops were streaked with green--unbelievably so, when wet --like this morning.

And those green peaks and ridges combined with the spring greening on the slopes... Patches of blue mountain wildflowers here and there (more of a periwinkle, really)... All topped with a clean frosting of late snow.

He grew up in this world, so to him it was just "nice," but to me it was all fabulously exotic. I would never forget that first sight.

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