Our Convoy Arrives in Spaceport - David Alan Webb

I hadn't felt like this since the day I left for college--anxious, excited, sad over leaving, thrilled to be going.

It had taken us years to get here--decades, if you count the Compton years. (God rest his soul.) It was his vision that propelled us, and the old prophet campaigned tirelessly--persuading, encouraging, cajoling.

How many times had we heard The Speech?

"It's only a matter of time. We know this! When, not if... WHEN the sun tosses you a major flare of Carrington Event magnitude, it will critically damage the infrastructure of the planet. Everyone still on Earth will be trouble. Then what?

"If you want help then, some of us must leave the nest now and get established elsewhere. In not many years, we'll have the technology to get there, but preparation has to begin yesterday. It may be the only chance we get."

So today a lifetime of preparation is over. Tomorrow the real journey begins, and our Vision becomes reality.

I'm not counting on a lot of sleep tonight.

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